Shockingly Easy Tips For Amazing Landscape Photos

Tip 1: Keep your camera facing upwards

What you want to do is to let the sky occupy about two-thirds of the image. This would make the image look open and free, which is the nature of landscape photography. Using the rule of thirds, the sky should cover about six of the top boxes.

Tip 2: Timing

For landscape photography, the best timing is the first two hours after the sun rises and the last two hours before the sun sets. At these timings, the light from the sun is soft and gentle. This type of light brings out the subtle textures in certain landscapes that would normally not be seen. Besides, with soft and gentle light, it is easier to take pictures and the weather would not be that hot during summer.

Tip 3: Use filters

It is an important equipment to have when shooting landscape photos. Sometimes the light from the sun would be too bright and it would ruin potential great shots. With filters, you can make the image darker and compensate the light until you get the brightness you want for that particular scene. Different filters would bring about results so it is important to experiment to see which filter fits you best.

Tip 4: Know the technical parts of photography

Knowing what aperture, shutter speed and ISO to use would save a lot of time instead of having to do many test shots just to get the right lighting. Normally, the aperture would be set to "small" or high "f-stop" coupled with high shutter speed. The smaller the aperture, the further it can focus. Having a small aperture would eliminate the blurry effect the image might get.

Tip 5: Patience

Having patience is very important in taking good landscape photos. You must have patience to find the best place to capture the best photo. Scout your location. Find what the most picturesque place is. Set up your tripod and take your time to set up your shot. Rushing would lead to a bad photo.

Tip 6: Be Meticulous

Some photographer do not check their shots. They would think that their photos are great even with just one shot. When they reach home, they found out that their photos are overexposed or underexposed and cannot recapture that same moment. Do not be like that. Take many shots when you are there and always check the composition after every shot.

Use this tips and you would definitely be able to take amazing landscape photos and be a much more satisfied photographer.