Guidelines in Infrared Photography Technique

Even though digital infrared photography is a method of photography that is most commonly known among experienced photographers, it is one that those of any level can learn in order to create unique pictures. The effect of the photography method is caused as a result of infrared light, a type of light that cannot be seen by the human eye. When taking photos, this infrared light is captured by the camera while visible light is mostly not used in creating the image. This technology produces a photo that has a dreamy appearance that can be attention-getting to those who view it. In spite of the unique effects obtained through infrared photography, learning it is not difficult.

If you have a modern camera, it may be equipped with the technology that is needed to capture infrared light. To test it, hold the remote control to a television toward the camera lens. Press any of the buttons on the remote while holding it at least 6 inches from the camera lens. If a light can be seen in the LCD, your camera has the capabilities needed for you to practice digital infrared technology.

Additional Equipment You Will Need

There are a couple of pieces of equipment that you will need to enhance your experience in using infrared photography including a filter and a tripod. A filter is used to prevent visible light from passing through while allowing infrared light to be captured. This is an inexpensive piece of equipment and a good quality one can be purchased for around $20. The tripod will need to be sturdy so that you can use a higher aperture and a lower shutter speed. Look at the local photography shop to find the equipment you need and to gather advice on choosing the equipment that is right for use with your camera.

Some Techniques to Try

Once you have gotten the equipment and installed your filter, you are ready to start creating infrared photography. Start by using some ideal subjects such as sunny skies and landscapes. You can also work on creating portraits of people for some unique images.

When taking the pictures, remember that specifications vary from one camera to the next. In order to get the results you want, it will be necessary to adjust the settings to create a specific effect. Try your camera in automatic mode to determine if this is how it works best. If not, there are some adjustments you can make.

Turn the flash feature off and change the camera mode to black and white. Set it for a film speed of 400 or higher and the shutter speed of 1/15th of a second. If you camera offers a lower setting, use it.

Take a Course to Learn More

Some professional photographers offer classes or entire courses in digital infrared photography that may benefit you by seeing these techniques firsthand. It is a good opportunity to increase your skill levels. For a more affordable option, search for free online digital photo classes and you will likely find a wide selection to choose from. This is a convenient and inexpensive option that will help you learn more about doing infrared photography independently.

There are also samples of photos taken using infrared photography that will peak your interest in learning more about this technique. You will be surprised by the results you can achieve and you will improve your skills as a photographer. Digital infrared photography is rapidly increasing in popularity and you can join the fun by learning a little more about this unique form of photography.