Collecting Autograph Photos

Whenever you see a celebrity in public you're bound to see them signing autographs for adoring fans. This is part and parcel of being in the public eye. People love to get their picture or other piece of memorabilia signed by their favourite star. Of course there are people who collect autograph photos of celebrities as a hobby. If you're interested in doing this then you should find some of the tips in this article of great use. Building a collection of signed photos of your favourite stars can be a very rewarding hobby.

Getting Autograph Photos Yourself

Whilst buying signed memorabilia online can be a very quick and convenient way of building your collection, nothing beats getting the autograph yourself from the celebrity in person. The best way to get autographs from your favourite celebrities is to look out for public signings and premiers. Of course whereabouts in the country you live will make a big difference to how many chances you get to attend such events. If you live in central London then you're in a much better position to get autographs than someone who lives in the countryside. However it's possible for anyone to get the autographs they want, some will just have to put in more effort and travel more.

Buying Autograph Photos Online

The alternative to getting signed celebrity photos yourself is to buy them online. There obvious plus point to doing this is convenience. However, unlike getting the autograph yourself, you will have to pay for them and depending upon which celebrity it is it could be quite pricey. When buying online there's also the issue of authenticity. Knowing whether or not the signed photo you're being is genuine is vital. Luckily there are some key ways to limit the chances of being a counterfeit photo.

Firstly you should check if the signed photo you're buying comes with a certificate of authenticity. Genuine suppliers of celebrity autographs will provide all the proof they can to assure you that the autograph is indeed genuine. This includes things like photographic evidence of the celebrity signing the picture and details of where the signing took place. Another thing to look out for is whether or not the supplier of the signed photos has their full contact details made available. Genuine sellers will not be afraid to include full contact details including their business address and phone number.